Feb 7, 2010

Child Welfare : State schemes
Creche for State Gov Employees’ Children
Indian Council for Social Welfare an NGO located at Lachumiere runs a Creche for the benefit of the State Gov Employees’ children covering 30 nos. of beneficiaries. The Social Welfare Department provides financial assistance to the NGO in the form of grants-in-aid.
Grant-in-aid to NGOs for services of children in need of care and protection
No. of NGOs caters to the needs and development of orphan, single parent, destitute and deserted children - 22 nos.
No. of children beneficiaries covered during 2007-2008 is 726 nos.and 2008-2009 is 726 nos
Social Welfare
• Organisation Structure
• Objectives
• Womens Welfare Development
• Child Welfare
• Supplementary Nutrition Programme
• Disability Sector
• Social Defence
• Publications
• The Right to Information

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